About Totally Austentatious

In the Beginning…

Yes I am a fan! 

I have been reading and rereading Miss Austens work with much pleasure since I was in my teens. I became an avid reader and have continued reading for the last 1/2 century… My object is to share my love of reading with you.

More recently I have begun an adventure sifting through the many and various authors that have taken up the Austen pen to continue the tales of our favourite characters.

I plan to wander far a field into movies, commentaries, Biographies and other novelists writing in her time period that you may not be as familiar with.

I am also reviewing other more current books, fiction, nonfiction and literary criticism. I will endeavour to give you my impressions, and suggest some gems you may have missed. Take a peek at the Yearly Reading List with the one word review as well as the linked extended review.

Fair warning, hang on and feel free to comment and add to the lists of good bad or indifferent works. I’m looking for discussion, and all are welcome.

I also publish a Knitting Blog for Fibreholics!

Kitten with Mittens

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