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Austen & Variations

Here is my list.

Austen and others

Austen and others

If you come across any thing worth reading please add to the comments section.

If I’ve read it, there will be a one or two word review.

Please note that: *=read, Sc=soft cover, Hc=Hardcover, Tp=Trade paperback, Ped=Pocket edition, A= Annotated version, Eb= Ebook

Of course one must have multiple copies of the original text!

  • Austen, Jane. I am delighted to observe that many of my multiple copies have come as gifts from people I love, and they are therefore greatly cherished.
    • The Complete Works of Jane Austen (delphi Classics) – * Eb (recommend)
    • The Complete Works of Jane Austen – *Tp (thick book)
    • Sense and Sensibility – *Sc , Hc , Tp , Ped , A, Eb (multiple copies)
    • Pride and Prejudice – *Sc , Hc , Tp , Ped , A, Eb (multiple copies)
    • Mansfield Park – *Sc , Hc , Tp , Ped , Eb (fewer copies)
    • Emma – *Sc , Hc , Tp , Ped , Eb (fewer copies)
    • Persuasion – *Sc , Hc , Tp , Ped , A, Eb (multiple copies) (Favourite)
    • Northanger Abbey – *Sc , Hc , Tp , Ped , A, Eb (fewer copies) (least favourite)
    • Sedition – * Hc, Eb, (also in collected works)
    • Other works – (only in collected works)

Variations based on Jane Austens, Pride and Prejudice

  • Adriani, Susan. The Truth about Mr. Darcy– *Tp (meh)
  • Altman, Marsha.
    • #1 -The Darcys and the Bingleys –  (to be acquired)
    • #2 – The Plight of the Darcy Brothers – Tp
    • #3 – Mr.Darcy’s Great Escape – Tp
    • #4 – The Ballad of Grégoire Darcy – (to be acquired)
    • Road to Pemberley (anthology) – (to be acquired)
    • #5 – The Knights of Derbyshire – (to be acquired)
    • #6 – Georgiana and the Wolf – (to be acquired)
    • #7 – Young Mr. Darcy in Love – (to be acquired)
    • #8 – The Chrysanthemum and the Rose (to be acquired)
  • Aston, Elizabeth. The True Darcy Spirit – Tp
  • Baker, Jo. Longbourn – Tp
  • Benneton, Nina. Compulsively Mr. Darcy – * Tp (Quirky)
  • Berdoll, Linda.
    • Mr Darcy takes a Wife – * Tp/Eb (Brilliant, Favourite)
    • Darcy and Elizabeth – * Tp/Eb (Brilliant, Favourite) 
    • The Darcys: The Ruling Passion – (to be acquired)
  • Burnett, Jean. The Bad Miss Bennet – Tp
  • Collins, Rebecca Ann.
    • Book 1: The Pemberley Chronicles – *Tp (Good) 
    • Book 2: The Women of Pemberley – *Tp (Good)
    • Book 3: Netherfield Park Revisited – Tp
    • Book 4: The Ladies of Longbourn – Tp
    • Book 5: Mr Darcy’s Daughter -Tp
    • Book 6: My Cousin Caroline – Tp
    • Book 7: Postscript From Pemberley – (to be acquired)
    • Book 8: Recollections of Rosings – (to be acquired)
    • Book 9: A Women of Influence – Tp
    • Book 10: The Legacy of Pemberley – (to be acquired)
  • Connelly, Victoria. Mr Darcy Forever – Tp
  • Dawkins, Jane.
    • Letters from Pemberley: The first a year – *Tb (Good, epistolary)
    • More Letters from Pemberley – (to be acquired)
  • Elliott, Anna. Georgianna Darcy’s Diary – Eb
  • Fairview, Monica. The Darcy Cousins – Tp
  • Grange, Amanda. Dear Mr. Darcy – *Tp (Amusing, epistolary) 
  • Hamilton, Maria. Mr. Darcy and the Secret of Becoming a Gentleman -*Tp  (Good)
  • Jeffers, Regina. Darcy’s Passions – *Tp (Quirky, title deceptive)
  • Lathan, Sharon.
    • Book 1 – Mr & Mrs Fitzwilliam Darcy: Two shall become one – *Tp (good) 
    • Book 2 – Loving Mr. Darcy: Journeys beyond Pemberley – *Tp (Good)
    • Book 3 – My Dearest Mr. Darcy – Tb
    • Book 4 – The Arms of Mr. Darcy – Tb
    • Book 5 – The Trouble with Mr. Darcy – Tb
    • Novella – A Darcy Christmas – (to be acquired)
    • Miss Darcy Falls in Love – Tb
    • The Passions of Mr. Darcy – Tb (uncle)
  • Louise, Kara.
    • Only Mr. Darcy will do – Tp
    • Darcy’s Voyage – *Tp (Quirky)
  • Mingle, Pamela. The Pursuit of Mary Bennet – *Tp (delightful) 
  • Pierson, C. Allyin. Mr Darcy’s Little Sister – *Tp (Very Good)
  • Reynolds, Abigail. Mr Darcy’s Undoing -* Sc (Witty, spicy) 
  • Sarath, Patrice. The Unexpected Miss Bennet (Mary) – *Tp (delightful)
  • Slater, Maya.
    • The Private Diary of Mr.Darcy – *Tp (interesting)
    • Mr. Darcy’s Diary – Pb (duplicate, gift)
  • Wasylowski, Karen, V. Darcy and Fitzwilliam – * Tp (Good)

Variations based on Jane Austens, Sense and Sensibility

  • Aiken, Joan. Eliza’s Daughter – Tp
  • Collins, Rebecca Ann. Expectations of Happiness – Tp

Variations based on Jane Austens, Persuasion 

  • Jeffers, Regina. Captain Wentworth’s Persuasion – *Tb (Quirky)

Other Variations on Austen

  • Fowler, Karen Joy. The Jane Austen Book Club – Tp
  • Izzo, Kim. The Jane Austen Marriage Manual (a Novel) -Tp
  • James, Syrie.
    • The Missing Manuscript of Jane Austen (a Novel) – Tp
    • The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen (a Novel) – Tp
    • Jane Austen’s First Love (a Novel) – Tp
  • Waters, Sarah. Dancing with Mr.Darcy (short stories) – Pb

Non-Fiction Austen

  • Nixon, Lauren. The Complete world of Jane Austen – *Hc (Total Disappointment)
  • Jennings, Charles. A Brief Guide to Jane Austen – *Pb (Brief, Meh)
  • Sheilds, Carol. Jane Austen – Hc
  • Tomalin, Claire. Jane Austen: A Life – Tp
  • Vogler, Pen. Dinner with Mr Darcy: Recipes inspired by the Novels – Hc

Useful links to lists of Authors writing in this genre.


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New Austen Acquisitions

Well 2016 begins with more Austen Variations

My husband presented me with


Darcy’s Great Escape by Marsha Altman

While browsing the discount book section at our local Chapters today; I lucked out and stumbled on some new stuff!

I came across


Book 5 – Mr. Darcy’s Daughter by Rebecca Ann Collins

Still looking for Book  7,8,10



Mr Darcy’s Undoing by Abigail Reynolds and

The Private Diary of Mr. Darcy by Maya Slater

I really must make a List of all the iterations available written by modern authors using classic novels for inspiration.

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For the love of Austen!

This artical originated January 11,2014, on my other blog Kittens with Mittens.

I soon realized that I needed a Literary blog too, so Totally Austentatious was born.

This is a reediting of that origional post.

At this point I really have to thank you, my family and my friends, who put up, ad nauseam with my reading ramblings. What can I say, love me love my books!


Image result for jane austen portrait

Yes, I have a thing for Austen. I didn’t realize how extensive it was till I started digging through my collection. 


It has even snuck into my knitting. On my to due list Darcy Shawlette,

The Dashwood Sisters Shawl and the Miss Woodhouse Shawlette

I have the famous novels… a few copies of each

The Complete Novels of Jane Austen: Seven Great English Classics (sc)

The Complete Works of Jane Austen (2 ebooks)

Short fiction

Unfinished fiction

and ebook copies too, because you can’t go anywhere without Jane!

All of the above on Kobo Glow, Kobo Arc and Sony Ereader. 


Films, Audio tapes, and Ebooks 

Death at Pemberley by PD. James (audio)

Pride and Prejudice (DVD 1995) A&E starring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle (the best!)

And the more recent Pride and Prejudice (2005) 

and an older BBC version. 

Image result for pride and prejudice movie

Somewhere I have Sir Laurence Olivier and Greer Garson, delightful!

Bride and Prejudice (2004) Bollywood musical (enjoyed it)

Persuasion (1995) – my all time fav! 

Sense and Sensibility (2008 – VHS) Emma Thompson and Hugh Grant (the best)

Emma (1996) Kate Beckinsale (best of the two)

though I won both…

Emma (1996) Gwynth Paltrow (not as good) but amusing.

I also indulge in continuations of her novels and there are a lot out there.

My favourites are by Linda Berdoll


*Mr Darcy takes a Wife and *Darcy and Elizabeth

My comment: Miss Austen, being as single lady of her age and time, probably would have been shocked by this more realistic view of married life. This is the Darcy and Lizzie you imagine as a married couple! I am so fond of these books, originally owned them in trade paperback, I also purchased them in ebook! 

Some other  delightful series

 Sharon Lathan has also written a rather good series related to Pride and Prejudice. This series sounds more Austen. 


  1. *Mr & Mrs Fitzwiliam Darcy: Two shall become one
  2. *Loving Mr. Darcy
  3. My Dearest Mr. Darcy
  4. In the Arms of Mr. Darcy
  5. Miss Darcy falls in Love
  6. The Trouble with Mr. Darcy
  7. The Passions of Mr. Darcy (the story of Darcy’s Uncle George)
  8. A Darcy Christmas (Don’t have)

I have also been collecting the Pemberley Chronicals by Rebecca Ann Collins


  1. *The Pemberley Chronicles
  2. *The Women of Pemberley
  3. Netherfield Park Revisited
  4. The Ladies of Longbourn
  5. Mr Darcy’s Daughter
  6. My Cousin Caroline
  7. Postscript from Pemberley (don’t have)
  8. Recollections of Rosings (don’t have)
  9. A Woman of Influence
  10. The Legacy of Pemberley (don’t have)

I like this series but Austen’s voice is missing.

Rebecca Ann Collins has also written Expectations of Happiness a follow-up to Sense and Sensibility


Found these in ebook format

Georgiana’s Diary by Anna Elliott eb. a free ebook 

and Colonel Brandon’s Diary by Amanda Grange eb. preview I am seriously thinking about purchasing this one. Has anyone read it?

Some other recent finds: 


I also have a collection of short stories *Dancing with Mr. Darcy

How about from Darcy’s point of view

*Darcy’s Passion by Regina Jeffers – Don’t let the title through you it isn’t bad 

*Captain Wentworth’s Persuasion by Regina Jeffers  sc.- Rather good till just before the end. Spys and nonsence creeps in. 4/5th of the book is worth reading.

How about letters, and Diaries?

Austen began writing in this form then moved to the more conventional novel format. I enjoy epistolary books (letters) and Diaries.

*Mr. Darcy’s Diary by Maya Slater sc. (rather good)

*Dear Mr Darcy by Amanda Grange tpb (very good)

*Letters from Pemberley by Jane Dawkins tpb (Excellent series of letters between the characters)

Looking forward to reading these recent finds :0) 


Mr. Darcy’s Little Sister by C. Allyn Pierson tpb.

Only Mr. Darcy will do by Kara Louise tpb.

The Truth About Mr. Darcy by Susan Adriani tpb.

and my DH found this in the last copy section of Chapters :0)

*Darcy and Fitzwilliam by Karen V. Wasylowski – delightful and unusual take on Mr. Darcy and Colonel Fitzwilliam’s relationship. Totally recommend this slightly off beat book. :0) sc.

Other recent purchases, as yet unread 


The Darcy Cousins by Monica Fairview

The Pursuit of Mary Bennet by Pamela Mingle – I have since read, not how I saw Mary developing but good.

The Bad Miss Bennet by Jean Burnett (Lydia)

 There are reference books and biographies as well.


Jane Austen: A life by Claire Tomlin tbp

A Brief Guide to Jane Austen: The Life and Times of the World’s Favourite Author by Charles Jennings sc.

*The Complete World of Jane Austen by Lauren Nixon hc.

(total disappointment, waste your money on this one)

My family and friends keep me well supplied, and DH & DS but up with my Austen observations.

Just for fun go check out The Republic of Pemberley website for everything Austen. DH found it while surfing the net…Isn’t he awesome! (my Colonel Brandon)

Note: * = have read, sc.= softcover, tpb. = trade paperback, hc. = hardcover, eb. = ebook

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